• Hannah

Fulvicity Life Elixir

Not many people have heard of Fulvicity. This mineral is amazing and I'm not just saying that. Fulvic drops contains 70+ minerals and amino acids as well as many vitamins that all help support the bodies system. Life Elixir Fulvic Minerals for Pets helps with their teeth and gums, bones and nails, gut health and digestion, energy levels, mental alertness and the cleansing of arteries. The advantages of Fulvic drops for animals as well as above is:

Improves oxygen transport all over the body

Increases nutrient absorption into the blood


Helps with cardiovascular support

Encourages the proper gut microbiome

Provides mitochondrial antioxidants to the body

Encourages the proper lipid metabolization

It contains SOD properties for oxidation

Provides the body with rare trace minerals

Contains 18 catechin antioxidants

I have had Winnie of Fulvicity for animals for a few months now, to begin with she was stiff getting up in the mornings and her whole body was hunched up. Since being on Fulvicity shes like a puppy again and crazier then ever! I notice a difference in her if she doesn't have the drops for a couple of days. Fulvicity isn't only great for pets but also great for humans too! For more information about Fulvicity and its amazing health benefits please visit:



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