• Hannah

Hip Dysplasia and why I have started making healthy treats

I never thought I would have/own a dog with hip dysplasia. I wasn't really intending to go out and get a dog with hip dysplasia but here I am with Winnie. I used to be a Canine hydrotherapist (swimming dogs in a special pool to help build muscles etc) and that is how I came across Winnie. Her previous owners found out Winnie had hip dysplasia when she was only 14 weeks old, because the diagnosis was in the 14 day time frame for insurance they said she wasn't insured and advised by the vet that euthanasia was best as Winnie's hips are seriously severe.

They decided themselves that they would try to find another home who could help her, that's where I came in. So I have had Winnie for nearly two years now and I have never owned the bulldog breed before. Winnie is stubborn, loyal, crazy, lazy, lovable, selective hearing, a big cuddly bear but I would not change her for the world. She goes hydrotherapy once a week to help build up her hind leg muscles and because shes not a fan of going on walks at least I know she has good exercise at least once a week. So if you ever find yourself in a position with a dog who has hip dysplasia, its not the end of the world and their is now lots of new treatments and natural medicines that can help them way before surgery. Winnie is 2 years old in September and is just on natural joint tablets, Fulvicity and hydrotherapy and at the moment does not show any sign of pain or slowing down. That's where making my own healthy and natural treats come in. Winnie has a tendency to put on weight and this is bad for her hips so I decided to make my own healthy biscuits for her and I know what is exactly in them and that they are low in fat so she doesn't miss out on an odd treat here and there. #wnnie #naturaldogtreats #dogswithhipdysplasia #healthytreats #oltymebulldog #nonasties #lowinfat



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