• Hannah

New Year 2020

It’s nearly the end of January and nearly been a month already into the year 2020! Many of you may have done a New Years resolution for yourselves but what about for your pets? I myself personally haven’t done one but I have for Winnie and that is to have healthy and natural foods from now on rather then treats full of sugar and preservatives which I notice make her put weight on. Many people are doing a petfit for January but this should be for the whole of the year also. It’s better for your dog to be slightly underweight rather then over or the right size. This helps relieve pressure on their joints and whole of their body! Since Winnie has hip dysplasia its hard to keep weight off her since she isn’t a fan of walking but loves going to hydrotherapy! I am also thinking of doing different training exercises with her that will tire her brain and legs out! It can be hard having a dog with joint issues or weight issues but we wouldn’t change them for the world!



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